Pick any airframe, Install the Power Core, Fly!
Power Core

AirCore accessories are great ways to make sure you get as much time in the air as possible. Bringing multiple batteries to the field will let you multiply your flight times by charging one battery while you fly with another. Spare props and spinners are available too!
LiPo Battery

Lightweight 250mAh LiPo batteries power the AirCore models. Additional batteries mean more time in the air! (FLZA6401)


In rough landings, the AirCore prop separates from the craft to help prevent damage. If you lose or damage the prop or adapter, we have replacements! (FLZA6402)


Unique spinners are available for all the AirCore aircraft.

LiPo AC balancing charger

The AirCore AC charger balances and charges LiPo batteries for maximum flight time. (FLZA6411)

charging cord

A six-inch Electrifly cord for charging your battery with standard LiPo battery chargers. (GPMM3149)

Triton EQ Charger

Charge and balance your AirCore Flight Batteries and more with the Electrifly Triton™ EQ AC/DC charger! (GPMM3155)

Principle Spinner FLZA6403 Principle Spinner
Mustang Spinner FLZA6404 P-51 Mustang Spinner
Me 109 Spinner FLZA6405 Me-109 Spinner
Spitfire Spinner FLZA6406 Spitfire Spinner
FW-190 Spinner FLZA6407 FW-190 Spinner
A6M2 Zero Spinner FLZA6408 A6M2 Zero Spinner
Miss America Spinner FLZA6410 Miss America Spinner
Fly any AirCore airframe with one Power Core and one radio - that's the AirCore Advantage!